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Feminist movement may make you miss God’s will, Mike Bamiloye tells single sisters, married women


Presence of Nollywood actors in gospel movies will confuse viewers – Mike Bamiloye

Renowned Christian movie actor/producer, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, has advised single sisters against joining the feminist movement.

The Abejoye actor disclosed this on Tuesday morning in a tweet that has since gotten at least 334 Retweets, 741 Quote Tweets and 937 Likes.

Speaking to his 38.4K Followers on Twitter, the Blood on the Altar author opined that joining the feminist movement may make sister miss the will of God for their lives.

“If you are a Single Sister, DONT JOIN THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT! The Feminist Movement May make you miss the Will of God for your Life,” Bamiloye said.

Speaking further in the same post, Bamiloye who is the president of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries, had a piece of advice for married women as well.

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The One Careless Night author opined that married women who want to get the best out of their marriages should;t join the movement either because it is out to contest the “Head of the Home.”

“If you are MARRIED, don’t join them either, IF YOU WANT TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR MARRIAGE. The Feminism want to CONTEST the Head of the Home.”

His opinions have however attracted different comments from both the advocates of the feminist movement as well as the opponents of the movement.

According to a Twitter user, @KR3Wmatic, “Mike Bamiloye should just face wetin e sabi best. Demonizing, antagonizing and making mockery of Yoruba Spiritual beliefs system.”

A follower, @iamseunamusa, totally agrees with the Evangelist, revealing that she was ones a believer and advocate of the movement until “God ministered” to her.

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She said, “Well said, Sir. I was a feminist as a single lady. It was God who ministered to me that was a dangerous path. When people embrace the word of God with an open heart, they will see the truth in what you have just said. Yes, feminism is about gender equality But …”

@JIkhogene replied thus – “Many will read meaning to this statement other than its face value you intend to advise. We have equal rights but when you make it a struggle you miss the value of being a woman. God save the world.”

@IAMWODI opined that “I don’t think there’s anything like the head of the home. It’s 2 people coming together to walk life & achieve some milestones. They’re both equal people, let whoever is more intelligent & have the will lead, be it man or woman! Society & religion have skewed our views so much.”

While @snowice91 said, “Feminism is the fight for equal opportunities, not a contest for who to be the head. Women want to marry husbands like Dr Iweala who will allow them to reach their full potentials. There is always extremism which should not distract the ideal.”