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Female suspect, 25, sexually harassed by police officers in Ibadan (Video)


A video of a 25-year-old female suspect who was sexually harassed by security officers suspected to be policemen after she was caught alongside a suspected kidnapper in Ibadan has surfaced on social media.

The University of Ibadan graduate identified as Towobola can be seen begging a security operative simply identified as Wyclef as she claims innocence after she was arrested alongside the suspected kidnapper.

Towobola who was pushed to the ground by a law enforcement officer while trying to cover herself from the camera disclosed that he just met the suspect along her area of residence.

The 25-year-old lady also revealed that she has no boyfriend and recently collected her NYSC certificate three days before they were nabbed when the officer asked why she left her former boyfriend.

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The officer simply identified as Wyclef also asked why Towobola accepted the suspect’s proposal and the kind of job the suspect told her he’s doing.

He told me that he deals with production of drinks such as coke, has a company producing soft drinks and sells them in Lagos, she added.

Towobola stressed that the suspect told her that he came for meeting in Ibadan.

The officer, Wyclef also asked for the virginity status of the lady and requested to know why she broke up with her boyfriend.

Towobola replied that her boyfriend broke up with her willingly due to irreconcilable differences and ‘time to time’ conflicts.

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Accusing the lady of fornication and waywardness, the lady, Towobola revealed that she lost her virginity this year, saying she did not date anybody besides her boyfriend.

When the lady was asked how did she get to his residence, Towobola said she sells shoes and the suspect told him that he wanted to buy shoes.

Towobola stressed that she just came to see the guy in the morning of the day they were arrested after the suspect begged her to come and cook for him.

When asked if the suspect had sexual intercourse with her, the University of Ibadan graduate said the suspect only tried to have sex with her but she did not allow it.

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While praising himself for the success of the operation, the officer identified as Wyclef also commended the effort of his team members, identifying the officer who drove the car as Gboyega.

Lamenting about her condition and how she got involved in the incident, the visibly sad Towobola said she has no family, friends or people who could come to her rescue.

The yet-to-be-identified suspect said he was apprehended in his residence like a snail and advised criminals and law offenders to be patient and always follow the law.


Watch the video below;