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#February2021: Twitter begins new month with wishes, prayers


Twitter users have kickstarted the new month of February with numerous wishes and encouragement to other followers after seeing the end of January.

The previous month was more of a long night that came with numerous trends such as the #SilouhetteCHallenge, Sodium and Gomorrah, #With5K, #LekkiMassacre, #BUssItChallenge, Capitol Hill Invasion, Donald Trump (for many obvious reasons), Inauguration, as well as the #ScriptureChallemge amongst others.

While we await more dram from the bird app this month, trust me they will surely come, Twitter users have chosen a more subtle and friendly way to begin the month of February, after all, it’s lovers month and be sure to get more gobes(drama) on Valentine.

Meanwhile, February related trends have taken the top three spots on Jack Dorsey’s blue nation –ย Happy New Month with 24.5K Tweets, #February2021 with 3,532 Tweets and Dear February with at least 5,656 Tweets.

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As we look forward to more dramatic trends on Twitter, here are some new month wishes currently trending: