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FCT police committee urges modern tactics amid security concerns


The Chairman of the Police Community Relations Committee in the Federal Capital Territory, Dr. Rufus Ebegba, has called upon security agencies to adopt contemporary approaches in addressing the surge of insecurity in the FCT and its surroundings. 

In response to escalating security threats, Ebegba emphasized the importance of modernizing security measures, including the strategic acquisition and deployment of advanced equipment such as Armoured Personnel Carriers, surveillance helicopters, armoured motorcycles, and utility vehicles for patrols and offensive operations.

During an interview on Sunday in Abuja, Ebegba acknowledged the public’s growing concern over the recent increase in insecurity in the FCT.

He commended the efforts of the Police and other security agencies for their vigilance and successful operations leading to the arrest of criminal masterminds and the release of kidnap victims and hostages.

Ebegba stressed the urgency of addressing the rising insecurity to restore a sense of security for FCT residents. 

He said, “The rising spate of insecurity in the FCT has in very recent times arrested the attention of the public, as well as dampened the enthusiasm with which FCT residents go about their daily lives.”

In addition to urging security agencies to enhance their strategies, Ebegba called on citizens to play an active role by reporting any suspicious activities to the nearest police station. 

He emphasized the collective responsibility of both security agencies and the public in safeguarding lives and properties.

“Similarly, citizens must be aware and awake to their responsibilities because we all have a role to play. Should we notice anything suspicious or suspect strange developments, we are enjoined to approach the nearest police station or personnel to report or discuss our observations,” he said. “Security and social order are our collective responsibilities, and we must contribute our quota.”


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