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Fathers are important too, care for them – Actor Sam Nnabuike


*Fathers are important too, care for them – Actor Sam Nnabuike*

Nollywood actor Sam Nnabuike, popularly known as Sam Sunny, has advised Nigerians to take care of not just their mothers but also their fathers.

Nnabuike opined that a lot of times children tend to take care of their mothers, showering them with love, gifts, attention, and money for all they had to go through for them.

He said that while that is good, it’s also very important that they remember their fathers too as they also have defended and fought battles for them too.

He wrote;

“I know we love our mothers so dearly and want to give them the world but please if your father is still alive, send him money every now and then. Only if you all knew half the spiritual battles these men have fought in your defense unknowing for you”

See his post below;

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His post garnered a lot of reactions on social media. See some of them below;

thiszvincent wrote;

Fathers are less appreciated. The beautiful thing is that they really don’t care. They just want to keep providing for their family and seeing them win.

inaekar wrote;

We send to the ones worth it.. the rest should go and collect the ones they gave to their side chics back.

fuelupng wrote;

Fathers don’t get enough recognition.

official_bobby_fredrick wrote;

In as much as we love our dads n they deserve the best ,but mother’s carry the families spirituality on their shoulders ,they pray cast n bind all the demons everywhere …if u have a good father never miss anyday to showing him love

mrsify_etuks wrote;

Fathers are neglected cos they are men and show less emotions. I’m sure you want to give your money to your mom cos she will call with happiness , smiles even dance sef plus pray join but fathers “ Chidinma I saw what you sent thank you “

bube_aji wrote;

Send your father money because he deserves it and he needs to be taken care of. I don’t understand this spiritual one.

rashidatuumoru wrote;

They are the cover…they deserve same love we shower to our mothers…responsible fathers only

chiommy_choco wrote;

Not just spiritual battles…some of them sacrifice a lot for us and they don’t even get half d credit for it…most of them goes to the mom, most likely because she’s always present