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FACT CHECK: Usher did not tip dancers with fake money at Las Vegas club


Posts claiming that musician Usher tipped dancers with fake bills with his face on it at a Las Vegas club are false. The bills were left at the club to promote his Las Vegas residency and actual money was used for tips, according to the club.

Users on social media criticized the singer following claims that he tipped with fake bills that feature his profile where images of Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln are typically found. Examples can be seen here , here and here , with one tweet saying: “Not Usher throwing money with his face on it in the strip clubs! That is so disrespectful. Pay the strippers!”

George Wilson, Director of Marketing for Sapphire Las Vegas, the gentlemen’s club, told Reuters via email that Usher and his crew “converted thousands of real dollars” to chips to tip the dancers, purchased multiple bottles of alcohol and left a generous tip for the staff.

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“Apparently, someone in his team left some Usher dollars on the floor to promote his Vegas residency. That is where it seems the confusion came in. But real actual cash was used for tips,” the club added.

Photos on Usher’s Instagram and Twitter page show a suitcase full of the same fake notes.


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Usher announced his residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in September 2020, which will begin in July 2021.


False. There is no evidence that musician Usher tipped dancers with fake bills at a club in Las Vegas. The club said that real money was used to tip and that the fake bills were a promotional tool.

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