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FAAN bans use of ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags at airports


The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has issued a directive prohibiting the use of the popular travel sac, known as Ghana Must Go, at all Nigerian airports, particularly international ones. 

This decision aims to address concerns about the damage caused by these bags to conveyor belt systems and the financial losses incurred by airlines.

Ghana Must Go bags, widely used for carrying luggage, are known for their affordability and versatility. 

However, their rough texture and durability have been linked to damage to airport conveyor belts, leading to disruptions and costly repairs. Additionally, the bags’ tendency to tip over or break open has resulted in spills and delays, causing inconvenience for passengers and airlines alike.

In a circular titled “Re: Prohibition of Usage of Ghana Must Go” issued on November 24, FAAN’s Manager of Airport Services, Henok Gizachew, formally notified airlines operating at Nigerian airports of the ban. Airlines have subsequently communicated this directive to their travel partners and passengers.

“Please be informed that effective November 25, 2023, the usage of Ghana Must Go to travel on our flight is hereby prohibited,” stated one airline in a message to its passengers.

An airport official, according to Daily Trust, clarified that individuals who absolutely must use a Ghana Must Go bag are required to wrap it securely before it can be accepted for check-in. This measure aims to minimize the potential for damage and disruption.


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