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Ethnic Violence: We have ignited the fire of a second civil war, Dele Momodu warns 


No Christian body has spoken on TB Joshua's death - Dele Momodu

Veteran publisher, Dele Momodu, has opined that Nigeria has “ignited the fire of a second civil war” due to the recent ethnic clash witnessed in Oyo State and tensions over the kidnappings and killings by herdsmen.

His comments come as a reaction to the violence witnessed over the weekend as the Yorubas and the Hausas in the Shasha market in Akinyele Local Government Area of the state clashed.

Reacting via in a statement to his over 1.5million followers on his verified Twitter handle on Monday, the CEO and publisher of Ovation International suggested that if nothing is done immediately and urgently, the might be no way to stop a civil war.

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He said, “Fellow Nigerians, good morning. I bring you my humble suggestions again, in good faith. Our leaders, across party lines, should urgently find time to read the history of Nigeria’s First Republic. It is obvious, they have forgotten so soon or have learnt nothing.

“I’ve watched with utter dismay how ethnic coexistence has virtually broken down, almost irreparably, in the last few years, due to what I consider the cold indifference and apparent lackadaisical approach, of our leaders to early warnings of doom and gloom enveloping our nation!

“You need not be a clairvoyant to see the grave danger ahead and know the present injustices cannot persist for too much longer. Sadly, the hawks amongst us, as always, are used to doing things their own ways, not minding the cataclysmic consequences and monumental repercussions!

“Once again, we’ve arrived at the tipping point and Golgotha is starring us menacingly in the face. If immediate and urgent steps are not taken, I’m certain we have ignited the fire of a second civil war & we may have crossed the Rubicon as we head towards unprecedented disaster!

“The earliest signs of a civil war are the following: a total devaluation of human lives; proliferation of ethnic & religious warlords; complete state of lawlessness; rabid dictatorship; genocides; governmental ineptitude; lack of empathy – all are present in Nigeria today!!!”