You’re emptily arrogant, Solomon Buchi continues to drag Bobrisky

You’re emptily arrogant, Solomon Buchi continues to drag Bobrisky

Gender equality activist, Solomon Buchi, has continued to drag Bobrisky on social media, describing him as emptily arrogant.

Buchi had called Bobrisky's bluff after he 'trash-talked' his fellow crossdresser, James Brown, who saved up to study abroad.

Reacting to his post, Bob had called him a beggar, stating that they were not on the same level.

In a lenghty Tweet on Wednesday, while responding to Bob's rants, the writer and public speaker described him as emptily arrogant.

"Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, everyone knows that I’m not one to play with pigs, but sometimes silence enables nonsense, and I would take gibberish from anyone not you. You broke-shame everyone who dares confront your buffoonery and that doesn’t work with me, Idris. I am a man.

"You stated that I begged you for money, when you gave me 100K with my solicitation. I beg, everyone begs, but anyone who begs you for money doesn’t understand the deep craze they are signing up for. I have people I ask for support; I never asked you!!! God forbid.

"I was highly appreciative of the 100K you gave me. I don’t in any way minimize that act of kindness towards me, however, you don’t buy me and my voice because you gave me money. You wanted a toy to toss up and down and you couldn’t. I am tough, Bobrisky. Very tough.

"You couldn’t pay for my ghostwriting service at all. You could spend money on superficial things, but you wanted to pay me 35K for 12 writings a month, when I charge 50K for a 500 word letter. Lol I saw your misplaced priorities and frivolities and gave you space.

"What I couldn’t take was you opening your filthy mouth to say you employed me. Lmao. Bobrisky, you employ me? I’ll rather beg than be employed by you, why? Because you’re vindictive, you’re emptily arrogant and your tongue derives pleasure in manipulation and lies.

"As much as I appreciate the 100K you gave me to add up and get a new iPhone 8 plus 3 years ago, I can make a refund to you if you think that giving me 100K strips me of my agency. Please, I can humbly do you a refund. I’ve also helped people, I let them be and not lord over them.

"You give to people to use them; you give to have access to their value in an exploitative way. I’ve watched you for years; you don’t even know that I took time to study your patterns. Anyone who doesn’t bow to your nothingness becomes an enemy and you demonize them to people.

"Idris, it doesn’t work with me. Again, I don’t do drags and this isn’t me dragging you. This is me setting you straight. You can’t bully me; I AM SOLOMON BUCHI, Have you forgotten? I write up a storm and you lack the mental capacity to handle it.

"For the purpose of writing this, I had to tone down my IQ just to make sure you grab what I’m saying, but I’m sure your brain will overheat and hang from reading this. Sadly, you don’t have any friend that would help translate it in Yoruba for you cos you burn bridges everyday.

"You rattle your mouth about how rich you are! Lmao. You maybe rich, but I know for sure that you are poor on the inside. You embody ugly values and it is terrible. At some point, the media entertained you, but it has expired and you pick up fights to stay up on dirty headlines.

"Idris, learn to choose your battles wisely. I didn’t post our private conversation. You posted it for your agenda and I had to help everyone see the full picture, because you skew everything to suit your bleached pride.

"I challenge you to lead a better life. 50 is around the corner. You stated that you studied ACCOUNTING in Unilag, yet you can’t ACCOUNT for any common sense and virtues that sustain. The only thing you’ve been able to sustain is your indelible foolery. Sustain good values, Bob!

"I’m talking to you like a big brother. You’re older, but your mind wear pampers. Listen to me. Learn how to relate with people. Purge yourself of bitterness. Get closer to God. Get something more than money. Show us ur face without filters. Grow up, man. Cheers man. Love you 😎"

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