You can't convince me Christianity's not against homosexuality - Doyin Okupe's son

Bolu Okupe


You can't convince me Christianity's not against homosexuality - Doyin Okupe's son

Nigerian fitness model and bodybuilder, Bolu Okupe, has ranted about gay Christians who believe the Bible is not opposed to homosexuality.

The 28-year-old son of former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, in a lengthy tweet on Monday said; "I don’t have an issue with Gay Christians. I have an issue with Gay Christians who try to convince me that Christianity / The Bible is not opposed to homosexuality, when it clearly is.

"When you ask Christians why they are opposed to homosexuality, they will begin to quote specific Bible verses that they feel gives them justification of being against it.

"We can argue all day about how Jesus loves everyone or how the Bible is open to interpretation or outdated-etc but for me personally until these certain verses are revised or abolished, Christianity is not something I can get behind.

"This is not to encourage anyone to be an Athiest, I believe in God and have my own personal relationship with God, I just don’t feel like I need to bepart of any specific religion to embody my spirituality.

"I do appreciate all the responses and educative comments. In fact I agree with most. Especially from folks who are very educated on the topic like @RevJide.

"I just feel when deciding to follow a religion, the followers should not need to feel like they have to pick and choose the guidelines that they follow, if you can’t fully commit to a the practices then it is clearly not sustainable for you in this current day & age.

"And if there are certain doctrines or practices of your religion that you don’t necessarily support or agree with, perhaps it’s time to start having the conversations about these certain teachings / practices being insupportable & outdated and perhaps eventually abolished or revised.

"The conversation for me is now way past the point of sexuality, there are many things in the Bible that will not be permissible in this modern day and age.

"We can probably throw the whole Old Testament in there but yet we pretend daily that it’s a sacred book that most never be spoken against or touched. End of rant, had to get it off my chest"

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