Why you should be friends with guy before dating - OAP Bolanle

OAP Bolanle

OAP Bolanle


Media personality, Bolanle Olukanni, has urged the ladies to always consider being friends with the men before getting into any romantic relationship with them.

She made this known in a Tweet on Tuesday.

The Co-Founder of mywashandgo explained that most of the time people tend to be more relaxed when they are just friends with you, thereby showing their true characters.

For her, it doesn't mean they are fake, it just makes them HUMAN.

"Y'all be friends with a guy before you decide to date them.

"I promise you really get clarity into their character.

"People can perform to win your affection, but if they are on a friendship level, they will show themselves for who they are.

"Most people are not fake.. it’s More like it’s human nature to put your best foot forward.

"Sometimes its not their foot but Na borrow pose 😭😩 . But if they are in your life as a friend true colors come out quicker.

"It makes it easier to know if you truly like them. Cause after the attraction and initial butterflies.. can you hold a conversation with them?

"Do you like their mind ? Are they a good person ? Like in life . Not just to you, but to the fabric of society.

Dears these questions will save ya a lot of disappointments and heartache. Fall in love with a person not how they love you. #wordstoliveby

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