Why women find it hard to keep men - Singer Danny Young

Why women find it hard to keep men - Singer Danny Young
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Nigerian songwriter and music producer, Ajibola Olumuyiwa Danladi, aka Danny Young, has given reasons most women find it hard to keep a steady relationship with men.

The singer disclosed in an Instagram story on Sunday that most women lack the right attitude to keep men.

He said; "Woman wey fine need good attitude to keep man

"You no fine, you still no get better attitude, omo! na loneliness go kill you".

Reacting to his post, @missokhifo said; "Keep quiet!! All these badly behaved men looking for well-behaved women....karishika you deserve, karishika you shall get 😂😂

@foodie_that_cooks said; "Lol. Aimoye women with good attitude wey no get man. Wo! E koshi danu!! Some of you men don’t even know what you want.

@faith_babythriftstore said; "Instead of you people to be talking about how to keep and increase money, na man you dey talk about, it's like this high inflation no reach your side.

@i__train_people_into_tech said; "Exactly. I always say that a woman with good attitude will control a man forever. People will think its even charm.

@callmedamy said; "You can only keep a man that want to be kept…what about people with good characters wey still Dey chop breakfast steady".

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