Why people rush into marriage – Uche Ogbodo

Why people rush into marriage – Uche Ogbodo
Societal peer pressure, reason people rush into marriage - Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has identified societal peer pressure as one of the reasons certain people end up in marriage, even when they are not ready for it.

The mother of two made the statement on her Instagram page on Wednesday.

Ogbodo, who only recently gave birth to a baby girl explained that many people rush into 'joyless' marriages all in a bid to satisfy society.

She disclosed that quite a handful of dejected married women often slide into her DM to lament about the daily nightmare they pass through in the union.

"A lot of people are in rubbish marriages with zero happiness o! Abeg I want to ask, did they cajole you into it? Or you fell into it with your eyes shut! Abi na poverty push you into a joyless marriage? Wake up now!"

According to her, people would never be driven into unhappy marriages if society, poverty, and peer pressure were not in the picture.

"Society, poverty and peer pressure has driven a lot of people into joyless marriages and relationships".

"Only me know the amount of please save me I receive in my dm from women who are tired and want to be free but don't know-how. Ok ooo crucify me but truth be told, I feel all your pains but I don't have answers to your numerous questions in my dm. Only God can help us most times when we refuse to help ourselves", she said.