Why Nollywood should be regulated - Etinosa Idemudia

Why Nollywood should be regulated - Etinosa Idemudia
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Nigerian actress Etinosa Idemudia has called for the regulation of the nollywood industry just like every other sector or organization in Nigeria.

Etinosa, in an Instagram post on Wednesday, explained that film makers work as hard as people in various professions and therefore she doesn't feel it would be too much that they also are accorded equal respect and recognition.

The mother of one also said that there are a lot of unidentified actresses in the nigerian movie industry.

She said she believed that with a little ‘packaging’ everything would fall in place, otherwise caos was imminent.

She said; "When there is no regulation in a thing, abuse is imminent.

"When the government or a governing body tries to regulate a thing, uneducated people fight assuming that it means activities are about to be clamped but no, regulations are for the good of every practitioner

"I'm talking about this 'influencer' actress' mess

"I feel, just like engineering/law/medicine and other regulated professions/sector/industry, the entertainment sector should be regulated. Structured, organized and then regulated.

"Proper education, training of its present and intending practitioners about the nitty gritty of the profession and its several branches, career opportunities, work ethics, terms, unions, legal provisions within the law of the said country etc...

"Where there would be examinations and certifications to qualify you as an entertainer in what ever branch you choose to specify in, be it acting for screen/ theatre or music or the latest branch 'content creation' brought about by the vast growth of social media"

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