Why I will keep dancing at 60 - Kaffy

Why I will keep dancing at 60 - Kaffy

Sensational dancer and choreographer, Kafayat Shafau popularly known as Kaffy, has disclosed that even at 60 she will still dance as she has no plans of retiring.

According to Sunday Scoop, Kaffy stated that she's not only a dancer for the sake of entertainment but also uses the art for therapy, fitness and wellness.

The excited mother of two emphasised that she will continue to dance 'till she drops'.

"A dancer can dance till the age of 80. One of the oldest dancers is in her eighties and people still watch her.

"There is no limit to what the human body can do.

"However, over time, there are some projects I would not be able to partake in anymore.

"I know that even when I am 60 years old, some people would still want me to perform for them.

"I am not only a dancer for the sake of entertainment, I use dance for therapy, fitness and wellness.

"For me, I’ll keep doing this business till I ‘drop’," she said

She further added that; "When people began to like my dance, I decided to create a business out of it.

"I wanted to gain more knowledge about art so I could build a dance empire into a major corporate entity.

"I didn’t start to dance to get validation, I just wanted to make a career out of my gift.

"I am happy that dancers are doing well now and making good money from the art," she said.

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