Why I took break from acting – Nollywood actress Uche Iwuji

Why I took break from acting - Actress Uche Iwuji
Why I took break from acting - Actress Uche Iwuji

After her sudden disappearance from the big screen, Uche Iwuji has revealed that she took a break from acting because she wanted to discover herself.

She disclosed this in an interview with Saturday Beats.

Iwuji explained that she took the step because she needed to rediscover, rebrand herself whilst also concentrating on her business.

Speaking about how much she missed the movie industry, Iwuji disclosed that she wasn't sure she missed much as she was very much occupied too.

"I took a break from acting but I have been back for a while. I shot movies last year and this year too. I took a break because I needed to 'find' myself.

"The break was worth it was because I wanted to rediscover myself. I was trying to rebrand myself and also concentrate on my business. I am back to acting full time.

"I don't think I can work for anyone because of the exposure that acting offers. I prefer to be my own boss. I won't really say I missed anything because I have been working but not much.

"The pay has also been okay. When one leaves the scene and comes back, one won't be paid in millions immediately."

Also weighing in on the perceptions of people that actresses need to expose their bodies, she outrightly declared that she wasn't 'cut out' for all that.

"I have quite a number of followers and I'm also a brand influencer. Social media users may expect one to expose one's body but I have had my fair share of controversies and won't go that route again. It's about me and what I want to show the world. I just want to be myself. Many people have left the scene but I'm thankful that God brought me back. It was not an easy ride but with God, things have been easy for me, " she said.

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