Why I think nobody's broke - Actress Yetunde Bakare

Why I think nobody's broke - Actress Yetunde Bakare

Yetunde Bakare


Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Yetunde Bakare, has said that she doesn't think anyone is broke.

According to an Instagram post on Thursday, she explained that most people just live above their means trying to please others.

She said if everyone could live within his means there is a possibility of wealth reaching all.

She said; "Nobody is broke...you're the the one doing pass yourself

"Reduce asoebi and parties people will understand that times are hard and you are only trying to cut your coat according to your size

"Aso Ebi - 25k to 60k, Sewing 10k to 30k, Makeup - 10k to 30k, spraying the celebrant 20k to 100k

"The least you will spend either way is 50k...5 parties in a month, 250k

"The fact that you attend all the parties they invited you to doesn't mean everybody will like you! so be wise in 2022"

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