Why I chose BBNaija over my call to bar – JMK

Why I chose BBNaija over my call to bar – JMK

One of the new entrants at the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye, JMK, has disclosed that she abandoned her call to bar and chose to be in the BBNaija show instead.

In a discussion with a fellow housemate Angel, JMK  mentioned it as they got acquainted with each other.

JMK said she abandoned her call to bar because of the show as she had to choose between both. She said that since her result came out very well, she'll be able to do her call to bar later but BBNaija was an opportunity that wouldn't wait.

"It was tough for me and I was losing it. It was between what my parents would think obviously; 'After you spend six years and you did not make your call to bar?' Then, there was me trying to make a decision for myself.

"The opportunity that comes with this is huge.  I'm not saying Law School is not important but this is huge. So if I can have it both ways, why should I leave one for the other?

"It's not like the call to bar is running. If I didn't go now, I'll not come to Big Brother again," JMK said.

JMK also said that she's glad that she's finally into the show as she added, "I don't know. I feel like if I wasn't meant to be here, I wouldn't be."

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