Why I can’t be with one woman for the rest of my life – Tekno


Singer-songwriter, Augustine Miles Kelechi, popularly known as Tekno, has confessed that it is impossible for him to stay with one woman for the rest of his life.
Speaking in a series of videos posted on his Instagram stories on Saturday, the 'Pana' singer who fathers a child with fellow singer, Lola Rae, has revealed that though it is beautiful to have one partner, such is possible only in movies and novels.

Tekno argued that the concept makes sense in fictional works of art but in reality, it is weird and impossible.

Although he didn't state a particular reason why he thinks it is generally impossible, Tekno, however, noted he personally finds it impossible because there are many beautiful women across the world.

"A lot of times, I wonder who is to blame because when I think about it; when I watch a movie or I read a nice story in the novel, it feels good and it seems interesting that a man and a woman spend the rest of their lives together.

"It kind of makes sense. But in reality, it is just weird because I want to love one person and be with them but it is impossible because the women are so beautiful. There are so many beautiful women everywhere around the world," he said.

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