Why do married women divorce cheating husbands just to date married men? Ubi Franklin asks

Ubi Franklin
Ubi Franklin

Music executive, Ubi Franklin, has posed a question to married women who divorce their husbands over infidelity but still end up dating married men.

Ubi in a Twitter post on Thursday asked Nigerians why women take such steps.

For him, he has not been able to understand why women would leave their marriages because their husbands cheated and then still go ahead to wreck another's home by dating other married men after their divorce.

“Still trying to understand why Some women ended their marriages for cheating and went on to date married men, are we normal like this? Is this topic for today or we should move it to another day?” he said.

Meanwhile, Nollywood actor Ugezu J. Ugezu on Thursday slammed ladies who condemn polygamy online but secretly enjoy having intimate sessions with married men.

”Most of the babes that come online to vehemently condemn polygamy are dating married men offline.

"I just wonder why some people love living fake just to please the people they have already displeased with lies. So many saints online,’‘ he said.

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