Why abortion should be legalized - Rapper Cherry Entafield

Why abortion should be legalized - Rapper Cherry Entafield

Cherry Entafield


Nigerian rapper and actress, Cherry Ozoalor, popularly known as Cherry Entafield has said abortion should be legalized.

In an Instagram story on Wednesday, the 'Main Chick' rapper said she doesn't believe it's wise to make a person give birth to a child as a moral punishment for having unprotected sex.

"Well, I stand on what I said

"Abortion should be legal if the actual purpose is to preserve life

"Because it really doesn't make sense to force someone to have a baby as a moral 'punishment' for unprotected sex," she said.

Reacting to her post, @__ocube said; "I mean if a woman doesn’t want to have a baby, grant her wish. You ain’t the one going to go through the stress of child birth.

@_black_rosie said; "I feel it should be legalized cause a lot of people lose their lives or damage their wombs while patronising quacks because the professionals aren’t available.

@chii_wendy said; "But it makes sense to allow someone to kill an innocent baby that didn’t ask to be created??

@favouritemiracle said; "It's ok to murder someone abih? If you didn't want it you would have used protection. To me e no make sense. The person you aborted might have been the one to save the family you come abort am because you are not ready. Wait, let me ask you, is it fair

@sammyy___001 said; "But if you don’t want to get pregnant why not do the needful?….. brith control and condom is very available!!!!

@ruby_of_lagos said; "She's actually right but the moment it's legalise, our girls will abuse the right ✅

@apparelsandequipments said; "Parents, pls train your children so that Instagram parents won't help you mentor them."

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