Whitemoney, Pere, Cross discuss Angel's camera obsession

Whitemoney, Pere, Cross discuss Angel's camera obsession
Pere, Whitemoney, Angel, Cross

Whitemoney has expressed concerns over Angel's perennial obsession for the camera on the reality show.

He revealed this to Pere and Cross in the wee hours of Saturday after the Jacuzzi party.

Pere had stated that Angel got pissed when he told her that she always looked at the camera before doing anything.

"She got really mad. That day we were playing a game and they were asking who looks at the camera more and I said, Angel. See how she got pissed. She hates the truth,” Pere said.

Cross chipped in, "One day – this was last week- I was talking to her and she was talking but she kept on looking up because the camera was up.

"She kept on looking up and I asked what she was looking up at. She said nothing; that she’s not looking up.

"Then I also looked up to see what it was but I didn’t follow it up again.”

Whitemoney said, "At this point now, she does it unconsciously. It’s now part of her. It’s the default now. It’s a default setting now. She can’t help it.

"I and a few other housemates have talked about this stuff. They observed it and came to tell me. I said I have seen it from day one.”

Cross said, "There’s no possible way you’re having a conversation with her and she doesn’t look at the camera more than 10 times. She looks at it continuously. She knows what she’s doing."

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