VIDEO: Rapper Vector now a lecturer at UNIBEN

VIDEO: Rapper Vector now a lecturer at UNIBEN

Netizens have reacted to Nigerian rapper and actor, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun aka Vector, delivering a lecture at the University of Benin.

Vector was seen in a video clip delivering lectures on a yet-to-be identified subject at the university.

He could be heard explaining a concept while using two students, who were standing in front of class as an example.

The 'Lara and the Beat' actor also engaged a purported lecturer present in class, in a debate over the subject matter.

Reacting to the video making the rounds on the internet, @akinyelewilliam_ said; "He's unarguably one of the most intelligent Rap Artists in the country.

"Very well-rounded, his music solidifies that. Lyricism, story telling, rhymes and word play...all top tier!

@thisisdamii said; "If you know Vector too well,you’ll know he is a Smart and Intelligent Dude💯

@enaginjah said; "Vector is a very bright young man. He's a great teacher and has his way with words, hence his Wordplays and Punchlines

@cryptomaiden said; "Most times it's people who have nothing or who are not even socially recognized that have more ego! How can i teach God forbid yen yen see una artiste dey teach later make person dey find financial assistance nor go work! Do wetin u see if u nor see wetin to do! I taught in primary schools and did private lessons wen i was just 15! My mum and parents are not poor buh i did that for myself! Cox i cant keep asking for cash from them all the time! Even till date! Worse of all these people asking for money shamelessly wear the most expensive stuff! Hairs and designers! Work to fund ur taste! A whole me this a whole me that! Poor man wen get pride!"

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