VIDEO: I've had enough of your continuous bashing, Davido's baby mama Sophie tells critics

VIDEO: I've had enough of your continuous bashing, Davido's baby mama Sophie tells critics

Sophie Momodu


Sophie Momodu, first baby mama of Nigerian music act David Adeleke aka Davido, amidst tears has said she has had enough of people continuously bashing her nonstop.

The mother of one made this known in an Instagram Live on Monday, after she had an altercation with Amanda, Davido’s second baby mama, during their stay with the singer in Ghana.

According to Sophie, she has spent the last six years of her life battling with online bullies.

For her, its about time she spoke up for herself because when her daughter, Imade, grows up, she will question her silence over the constant bashing.

"I'm just tired of being bashed, enough is enough

"I'm not doing it anymore, my daughter is getting old, if I don't speak for myself because nobody is speaking for me, she's going to grow up to see how her mother was bashed for no reason

"And she will ask me why I didn't say anything about it, But you saw what they said, you saw what they did, why didn't you say anything about it

"It's been six years of bashing me nonstop, anybody that knows me, knows I'm a very emotional person

"So you might see me shed a few tears don't worry I'm fine, I've just had enough

"I've been nothing but gracious, I've been nothing but sweet," she said.

In other series of post on the photo and video sharing platform she lambasted a a blogger for cooking up stories against her.

She said, "I just want to be left alone to live my life, mind my business and enjoy! I will never take out anything from your drama out on the kids. They are innocent. Leave me alone.

"It’s been six years of bashing Sophia. Enough is enough. 2022 I will not be silent.”

Sophia noted that she made her daughter meet with her half-sister, Hailey, out of love.

"I made sure that my daughter and her sister saw each other after two years out of nothing but love! I do not regret it and I will never let you people’s hate affect the kids,” she said.

With a note of warning, the mother-of-one added, "Nobody wanted to make this girls’ ticket possible. I fought and insisted, and what I get on return is one dirty blogger spewing lies and fake gist?

"Enough is enough! 2022 you all are not dragging me for free anymore."

Sophie and Davido welcomed their first and only child together in 2015.

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