VIDEO: How to protect yourself against traffic robbers - Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu


Nollywood actress and Model, Beverly Osu has advised the women to be extra careful while driving in Lagos traffic.

Osu, in an Instagram video on Tuesday bemoaned the high rate of traffic robbery in Lagos, stating that they easily prey on women.

According to her, having a pepper spray or a taser in the car as a woman is one protective mechanism that must be adopted.

"Ladies if you are drive alone in this Lagos please be on guard, Please be vigilant

"These boys in traffic are really out for us, they are stealing and they are destroying

"Have your pepper spray, I always have my pepper spray in my left hand while I drive, I mean it's traumatizing that I have to live this way, but I've been like this since forever

"Please get a pepper spray, or a taser or something and put it in your car and hold it while you drive especially when you drive at night

"Please I've heard so many stories that are so close to me, it's traumatizing, it's frightening

"I'm not safe, you are not safe," she said.

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