Uriel questions why men disturb ladies who drink alone

Uriel questions why men disturb ladies who drink alone

Uriel Oputa


Entrepreneur and chef, Uriel Oputa, on Monday pondered why men find it hard to allow ladies have their privacy in pubs or restaurants.

In a lengthy rant, she said; "I know I talk too much but please my mouth has to declare this one, I have treid to hold it but my bottom lip dey shake like tamberine

"Why can't a girl go out in Nigeria and drink alone??

"Sometimes you just want to have a quiet drink and reflect alone

"Why must you always hear what are you doing here? "Ah I came for choir practrice!!

"Can I sit with you? Oga I dey use chineke beg you!! then you say no don't sit pls.

"Before you know it they have moved all their belongings to your table!!

"Then you hear sweet damsel my name is oga if I open my mouth and talk that your damsel be like samuel

"Even when you ignore them ahhh that one sweet them the most. Abeg ooo...It's just annoying pls be reading signs oo"

Reacting to her post; @wendy_adamma said; "Just politely tell them you want to be alone. They will leave. All these lines no matter 😂

@kimamaka__j said; "No vex, danfo doing Uber is not a usual occurrence but it’s not impossible . Hope u get now

@pretty_gloria16 said; "No one is stopping that, you only decline when a company comes to your table. This Uriel sef too talk, always forming saint

@itz_chywe said; "As in I still wonder why a woman can’t sit alone without men tagging some stuffs to it. I love been a long sometimes

@cute_gladys said; "He was even being polite 😂 some will send a waiter to move you over to their table as though you left the house without a plan😂

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