Uriel knocks Yvonne Nelson, says slimming tea, waist trainers work

Uriel knocks Yvonne Nelson, says slimming tea, waist trainers work

Reality TV star and entrepreneur, Uriel Oputa has reacted to a post made by Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, warning people to not be deceived into drinking slimming tea or waist trainers to achieve a 'snatched' body.

Reacting to her post, Uriel who's also a brand influencer for waist trainers decided to air her opinion.

According to Uriel, contrary to what Yvonne thinks, waist trainers work and have always been used by African women in the past to structure their body after birth.

She said, "Stop Tagging me on the recent blog post. I'm Drama free so this is coming from a place of Honesty.

"If you have worked with me you know I wouldn't touch your product unless I've used it!!! Credibility is worth more than money to me!!! WAIST training doesn't work? Why has waist training been around since 1800s? Why is there still a huge market for it?

"Yes I influence but I influence with honesty Waist training helps structure the body while you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"We are Africans, right? What happens after African women give birth? We bind/tie our stomachs right? Now if that isn't old-school waist training then I don't know So does waist training work? Look through my pictures I combine everything, Diet small workout.. from a size 16 to now.

"Yo let me continue biko. I can tell you this any woman who has struggled with their weight will know this.. when you put on a trainer and you can finally fit into a dress that feeling is gold!!! Work?? Let's explore the Narrative of working?? Is it physical working or emotional? Because it does both.

"I can testify that the slim tea from the brand I represent works. I won't tag them before you say na Ad. But just look at my page. I didn't do surgery so it must work 000 I had to speak out because of all the Tags it was getting too much. I felt attacked".

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