Uche Ogbodo knocks celebrities living fake life on social media

Uche Ogbodo
Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, says her Instagram posts reflect her mood, adding that only the negative aspect of her life doesn't make it to the social media app.

The 42-year-old disclosed in an interview with Saturday beat that though it is certain that some people's livelihood depends heavily on social media, others loaf around so much that it will be a disservice to call them fake.

"I believe that a lot of social media lives are not what they actually are. It is what people want the world to see that they post.

"So many people just want the world to see a picture of them that is not real behind closed doors. Even me, I will never post the negative part of me out there.

"However, some people are true to themselves because they post the beautiful and ugly parts of themselves. Those people are not being fake.

Ogbodo also revealed that she makes posts on social media according to her mood.

"I upload posts based on how I feel. I might not post negative parts of my life but whatever I post is true.

"I am a real person and I don’t like deceiving people or faking it until I make it.

"I am naturally a happy person. Hence, I would like to post pictures of me when I’m happy.

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