Tonto Dikeh keeps recycling same kind of men, says Blessing Okoro
Blessing Okoro, Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh keeps recycling same kind of men, says Blessing Okoro

Self-styled relationship therapist, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka on Wednesday expressed concerns over the lingering social media spat between actress, Tonto Dikeh and her ex-lover, Prince Kpokpogri.

WuzupNigeria reported that Dikeh has been trending after her relationship with the Delta-born politician crashed barely three months after she idolised him on social media.

Reacting to the ongoing saga, Blessing advised Dikeh to watch out for the kind of men she choose to develop romantic relationships with, adding that she keeps repeating the mistake of recycling the same kind of men.

She made the statement in an open letter to the mother-of-one via her verified Instagram page on Wednesday.

“An open letter to king Tonto dikeh.

"So sorry I tried , even as I type I am still trying not m too write you but I have to because I can’t stand all I am seeing on the internet.

"No matter how you try to numb the pain, I know you are hurting, you have questions, unanswered questions you need answers too.

"You love so hard but don’t get it back, you are sweet and beautiful, even Bobrisky told me that you are.

"A lot of people who know u tell me, forget blessing tonto is very sweet in person.

"I never use to like u, because I felt u were too dramatic and controversial, until I wore the shoes of spot light and began to feel the pain then I realized that you are just misunderstood.

"I took my time to study you, I followed you up from when u started acting till date then I realized that the men who come in and out of your lives are not the problem, your exes are not the problem, your PATTERN is the problem.

"You keep recycling the same kind of people repeatedly that is why your story is always almost the same .

"When you have a pattern problem , you will have to go back to the drawing board and change it if not you will become too predictable and vulnerable.

"A lot of men now know your pattern, even if they don’t know ur friends have told them how u function , so you can easily be triggered. King tonto please I love you, if I don’t , I will, laugh, like others , gossip like them ,who are pretending to love u are doing behind you, but took the bold step to write you publicly not for clout but because I know u are always online and u will see it .

"Please please go heal, please go and heal, the help you need is inside not outside. Look at your reflection and leave the mirror.

"Those men are not the problem, ask yourself why do I keep choosing them, it’s time to work on your choices .

"I love you so much, I see ur beautiful soul , your imperfect personality that wants to be perfect.

"Pls heal heal , heal will help you change your pattern of men . I love you king tonto.

"I am praying for you even tho I can’t pray that much but I pray for u ❤️❤️❤️”

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