The word 'dash' irritating, says Uriel

The word 'dash' irritating, says Uriel
BBNaija Star, Uriel Oputa

Instagram, WuzupNigeria

Reality TV star and entrepereneur, Uriel Oputa, has bemoaned the use of the word 'dash', stating that it irritates her.

Explaining the reason, in an Instagram post on Tuesday, she said that it somewhat 'screams' entitlement even when she barely knows any of them.

So a fan had on Christmas Day, sent a personal message on Instagram, wishing her a merry Christmas, whilst also begging her to dash her of one of her hairs.

"Uu Merry Christmas

"Please dash me one hair biko"

An irritated Uriel instead of responding , then took a screenshot of the message and gave her opinion of it.

The former BBNaija housemate, said that although she loves to give, she finds it really 'careless' to just use the word 'dash' to express giving.

"This annoys me I swear...even the word dash leaves me feeling irritated.

"It's such a careless way to express much entitlement!! Dash me

"Pls who are you? would you even render help to your own friends?

"Do you think I buy hair for free. have you checked dollar rates? shipping cost?

"Do you still want to be writing dash in 2022?

"Don't get me wrong I'm a giver, when its the right time for me.

"2022 may we progress into higher levels," she said.

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