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Talent manager Fowowe sues BBNaija's Khloe over alleged threat to life

She also noted that this was her last statement on the issue as she is allowing her lawyers to take up the matter.

Talent manager, Omonike Fowowe, has filed a legal suit against Big Brother reality star Khloe over an alleged threat to her life.

In a statement shared on Instagram on Wednesday, Fowowe claimed Khloe has been constantly bullying and spreading lies about her over an issue with fellow reality star, Omashola.

She claimed Khloe interfered with a business deal between the agency and Omashola.

This is even as she swore the statement would be her last comment on the issue as she is allowing her lawyers to take up the matter.

The statement read in part, “GM my family members, I am one person that tries hard not to get involved with online fights but as @kolobykhloe has refused to stop her constant bullying, a threat to life and numerous lies about me I will make my final communication on this matter and allow my lawyers take suit.

“Jan 17th 2021 was the worst day of my life, Omoshola made a full-length post that called me fraudulent and a scam. Khloe I never knew how the transaction between I and Omoshola was yet she constantly engaged the influencer which @force_ng got for Omoshola without any authority and she made that transaction fail, the influencer’s management didn’t like Khloe’s interference because she claimed she was a friend to both parties.

“I want to believe Omoshola made that post out of not doing her research well about Omonike And EMRBrand as far back as I can remember EMR will not and does not owe or scam anyone, pls if you have proof kindly bring it forward just in Jan 2022 we refunded 2 tenants at emrspaces.

“During endsars I was walking on me own when you shouted mama called me and took a picture that was the last time I saw you after 2018 yet you go about telling lies and say I’m famzing you how Khloe?

“Finally, you said when you see me you will SLAP me Khloe this is a pre-invitation by the security agencies will contact you as regards your THREAT to Life message to me. Do have a great day.”

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