Take break sometimes, protect your mental health, Kiddwaya advises colleagues




Reality TV star, Terseer 'Kiddwaya' Waya, has implored his colleagues to take a break sometimes and protect their mental health, seeing as the entertainment industry has become rather toxic.

The brand influencer made the statement in a tweet on Tuesday.

According to him, it is very important that they work on themselves physically, mentally and spiritually and not be caught in the 'toxic' web.

"Dear colleagues This industry is very toxic. But what’s more toxic is YOU getting caught up in the toxicity. It’s ok to take a break. It’s ok not go to the club. It’s ok to not be seen. In the name of your mental health. work on yourself physically, mentally and spiritually," he said.

Reacting to his tweet, @supernicezy said; "Kid waya are you in any industry? If I may ask which of them are you? Last time I checked your the one jumping all over @davido

@4Gmine said; "Mr preacher, you are suffering from low self esteem and plausible infatuation...

@tynacampbell said; "I think for the first time I agree with you. These bbn guys go through a lot especially as not all of them get the juicy deals and stuff. the trolls and drags cannot be overemphasized either. More draining is the fact that most of them can't go back to their normal lives

@Dajoygirl said; "Mental health is real. Dear celebs, it's all about your well-being and not all about the society. DO you and BE you with a conscience. Kiddwaya has said it all. Bravo"

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