Stop inserting seasoning cubes into your an#s, Kemi Olunloyo warns ladies

Kemi Olunloyo
Kemi OlunloyoFILE

Journalist and blogger, Kemi Olunloyo, has warned ladies to stop inserting seasoning cubes into their private parts.

She made the statement in a tweet on Saturday.

"Young Ladies in Lagos STOP inserting Maggi and Knoor cubes in your ANUS.

"It will give you a big butt but also introduce up to 2500kg of sodium (salt) into your bloodstream then your heart electrolytes messes up & BOOM CARDIAC ARRESTAnother chic DIED TODAY," she said.

Reacting to her tweet, @DrUdomoh said; "It is true....this bad practice and madness of using Maggi cubes for buttock enlargement started in Congo but it has spread fast to Nigeria and many have died for cardiac arrest and kidney failure...

@bigmummy111 said; "Some ladies are so funny seriously all because you want to impress for money they go extra mile to do anything to the extent of destroying their body for men.

@Frankasino said; "I wonder why Maggi is expensive now. . This gender eeh, I no longer eat cucumber now they want to spoil Maggi chei.. Who are they trying to impress? Abi competiting with their ancestors ni.

@mo6lawal said; "The things women do out of low self-esteem and hunger for societal validation will shock many of us. Any body modification that can't be achieved by dietary modifications and/or physical exercises should leave you with a last option of living positively with who you are!".

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