'Squid Game' Director brainstorms on megahit show's second season

'Squid Game' Director brainstorms on megahit show's second season
SQUID GAMEPhotograph: Youngkyu Park/Netflix/AFP/Getty Images

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The director of Netflix’s dystopian Korean television series Squid Game has expressed confidence that the popular show is back in the second season.

“Season 2 negotiations are underway,” Hwang Dong-hyuk said in an interview on Monday. “It’s all in my head. I have a basic story, a broad plan, so I’m in the brainstorming stage.

“I’m going to say there’s a second season, but I can’t say it someday,” fans added.

“He will come back, he will come back and do something about this world,” said the director, referring to the main character, Song Ki-hoon, played by actor Lee Jung-jae.

One of Netflix’s biggest hits in history, fans, Lee and others who attended the show attended a special Hollywood screening on Monday to celebrate its success.

The “squid game,” in which debt-bearers compete in deadly games for fate, has influenced Halloween costumes and thematic protests, especially at the United Nations World Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

“It feels very surreal,” fans said of the impact of his creation. “It’s like I live in a fantastic world.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” said actor Lee. “I didn’t know or imagine it would be this big. I never thought I would be so loved, so I’m very grateful to be here and standing in front of you. I am. “

The success of this series is the same as the success of the 2020 Oscar winner Parasite, and also shows the gap between the rich and the poor in South Korea.

Park Hye-soo, an actor who plays a contestant named Cho Sang-woo, said, “In fact, everyone is angry, but I think Koreans can express it honestly.”


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