Some retards talk crap when you reject their advances, BBNaija's JMK blows hot after encounter with man




Reality TV star and brand influencer, Jumoke Zainab Adedoyin, aka JMK has expressed frustration after her recent encounter with a man.

The 24-year-old food blogger and entrepreneur in a tweet on Friday stated that she doesn't understand why men insult ladies when they refuse their advances.

"Niggas piss me off. You reject their advances and they start talking crap about you. You must be a fu*king retard.

"Leave my name out of your stupid mouth and carry the chickenchange you think you can use to impress me somewhere else! Bl**dy idiot," she said.

Reacting to her post, @massage_and_fitness_lagos_abj said; "Y'all better don't let this country give you BP with all that's happening. Eat , sleep and boom your massage often. God help us.

@officialbobbyfredrick__ said; "Any man who doesn't know how to respect boundaries n take rejection without resulting into character assassination is an impotent man abeg 😂😂😂😂

@fashiondoctor19 said; "Why talk shit to a lady cz she rejected your advances. Men that do stuffs like this are kids in their brains 💔💔

@mr_jjess said; "When one says no please gentlemen der are about 3 billion of her kind globally and over 30 million here in Nigeria ...just move on.

@symplychi_oma said; "Men with low self esteem that cannot handle rejection 😂😂"

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