Nothing spiritual about s3x, says LGBTQ activist Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi
Bisi Alimi


LGBTQ activist, Bisi Alimi has asserted that having sexual intercourse isn't spiritual.

He made this known in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

"There is nothing, absolutely nothing spiritual about s3x!

"Don't let anyone lie to you and dull your cruise

"Just f^ck responsibly"

Reacting to his post, i_am_abba00 said; "You are entitled to your own opinion oga

@ayomide_xc said; "This guy glory and destiny don go 10million miles 😂😂😂 them don use am 😂😂

@mizkimoraprecious said; "Well done cruise master of sex education 😂😂

@tradericch said; "This one never see life. It’s easy to say there’s nothing spiritual about sex when you never feel am before. Feel am once you go know say e o far

@foodie_that_cooks said; "Funnycator don drop quote 😂😂Fok away!!😂😂"

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