Rick Ross finally gets driver's license at age 45

Rick Ross finally gets driver's license at age 45
Rick RossRick Diamond

Famous award-winning American rapper William Leonard Roberts II aka Rick Ross has finally gotten a driving license at the age of 45.

Rick Ross disclosed this in an interview with Today said he disclosed that he can now drive his collection of over 100 cars.

"I actually was driven to the test. I do have over 100 cars and I just hadn't had my license,” he said.

The 'Hustlin' singer who founded the Maybach Music Group record label revealed that he opted to get the license following pressure from his mum and sister.

"My mom and my sister pressured me. So I went and took the test. It took me an hour," he said.

According to Rozay, he got a few answers wrong but passed the test. He further admitted that taking the test was worthwhile.

"Because you should have your driver's license,” Rozay said.

In July, the rapper revealed that he did not have a driving license in a post shared to his Instagram stories writing: “I own 100 cars, and I have no driving license."