Reactions as RMD says marriage, children no longer define women

Reactions as RMD says marriage, children no longer define women

Veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, otherwise known as RMD, has sparked a major debate online after he stated that marriage and children no longer define women.

The ageless actor who paid a visit to the Naija Hood Rep reality show, addressed the contestants on the topic of Marriage.

According to RMD, the era where a woman is defined by marriage and having children has passed.

He continued by saying that nowadays most women would rather have children out of wedlock if they so desire because marriage is no longer important.

“The time that marriage used to define a woman has passed. The time that being a mother defines the woman has passed. If it’s a mother that you want to be, go ahead and be the mother.”

His post garnered mixed reactions amongst netizens.

@handsome_mfon said; "NO LONGER DEFINE ANYONE. Marriage is no longer something we can add to the success list. It's just what you might want to do or not do. Sad but true.

@amaobiokani said; "See talk, stop deceiving people, aren't you happy with your wife and kids. Don't discourage anybody about marriage, marriage dey sweet. Just find ur perfect partner.

@kulchi_official said; "I wonder how some people still think marriage is an achievement 🤷🏻‍♀️

@fabricsbyjilclothing said; "All he is trying to say is that, marriage or birthing a child/children is no longer attached to a women success. As a woman, do what you feel it’s best for you 📌📌

@thetoluabosede said; "See the positive side in this , woman can do and be a lot without marriage and children , not being married or having kids doesn’t make you less a woman👌

@missp_sphere said; "True o but said by a great man with beautiful family. If you like no use your tongue count your teeth and balance things. Know what works for you ans stick by it. All way ain't for you neither are all 2 cent meant for you."

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