Reactions as Cheche Smith chides RMD over 'wife giving up dream for home' statement

Reactions as Cheche Smith chides RMD over 'wife giving up dream for home' statement

Cheche Smith, RMD and family


Media Personality, Cheche Smith, has chided veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, aka RMD after he hailed his wife for giving up dream to build their home in his 21st wedding anniversary message.

On Wednesday, in a lengthy post on Instagram, the ageless actor had poured encomium on his wife, Jumobi to celebrate 21 years of marital bliss.

Speaking on how far they had come, RMD applauded her 'sacrifice' of giving up on her dreams just to keep the home in check.

Absolutely touched by her kind gesture over the years, he said he is unworthy of her.

But his post didn't sit well with Waziobia FM's Cheche Smith and she wasted no time in dissecting the message.

Cheche questioned why only a woman should sacrifice her dreams to build a home.

According to her, any man who wants a home but isn't ready to give up certain things to work it out and wants somebody's daughter to take the fall for it is really laughable.

"It's always men glorifying and praising women for giving up on their dreams and what they love to build a home

"How about you both agreeing on contributive measures to build the home and make the family work.

"You want a home, but you are not ready to give up on your grind to work it out, but heyy you want somebody's daughter to give up on hers to build one for you.

"I laugh in dialect. Work it out together," she said.

Reacting to her post, @talks3xwithireti said; "Their home, their rules please!! Just congratulate them and move on.. Bless you

@thedeltabeauty said; "The woman her choice biko , if she chooses to give her life to build home , HER CHOICE 💯 let’s respect people’s choice atleast nobody bail up her with gvn say make she leave her career to build home 🤷‍♀️

@city_of_urhobo_ said; "I knew they were gonna drag him for that word. Woke Women and Wahala for this app too much

@yetundebakare said; "Aunty Cheche rest in Jesus name ! Let them enjoy their anniversary in peace 👀 keep your opinions to yourself

@nkem_omak said; "RMD only said what worked for him, he didn't say all women should give up their careers and dreams. Madam rest and do what works for you.

@gabbygreat007 said; "And it worked for them... Oloshi, what about your own. See her name like Mayorkun's song😏

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