OAP Toolz knocks men who feel threatened by women's success, calls them primitive

OAP Toolz

OAP Toolz


Nigerian radio personality, talk show host and presenter, Tolu Oniru, popularly known as Toolz, has berated men who feel threatened by a woman's success, stating that they are primitive and ghetto.

The radio presenter made the statement following the reaction to a video of some male podcasters asserting that high-earnining women are less attractive to the men folk.

Sharing a video of the men's discussion on her page, she said; " I personally think that men who are turned off by high earning/successful women give off the energy...but what do I know?

Seeing as her post generated quite the reaction, she further went on to say; "Lol my last post brought out many trolls from under the bridge...

"Seriously if as a man you don't want the very best for your partner, which may include a greater success than yours...then I don't know what to tell you.

"Likewise ladies (if you want to) go HAM with your careers and be proud of your successes. The right partner should celebrate you fully, and not feel like you being successful is going to 'bring disrespect' that's so primitive and ghetto".

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