OAP Maltida Duncan diagnosed with Peritonitis

OAP Maltida Duncan diagnosed with Peritonitis
Maltida Duncan

Media personality, Matilda Duncan has been diagnosed with Peritonitis.

Peritonitis is inflammation of the peritoneum — a silk-like membrane that lines your inner abdominal wall and covers the organs within your abdomen — that is usually due to a bacterial or fungal infection.

The media personality, who is a sister to actor Mofe Duncan, made the revelation in an Instagram post on Monday .

Sharing a Photo from her hospital bed, she asked her fans and followers to pray for her.

"The devil trying to pause my celebration.

"After 19 hours of excruciating pain, they finally put down their report. Theirs not mine.

"I finally get a minute to check on you all...well...here is my update

"Please keep me in your prayers, that's all I ask," she said

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