Nigerian men have 'sweet' personalities - Ghanaian actress Neblett

Nigerian men have 'sweet' personalities - Ghanaian actress Neblett
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Ghana–based Liberian-born actress, Veronica Chi Chi Neblett, says she has observed over time that Nigerian men have 'sweet' personality when compared to their counterparts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Speaking in a recent interview, the curvy actress stated that it is no secret that Nigerian men know how to spend and take care of their women, adding that she has been fortunate to date one in the past.

"They sweet die! Mad oh! If I get one that wants to marry me why not, I’ll accept the marriage proposal," she said.

Revealing her Nigerian celebrity Crush, Neblett said, "RMD is my celebrity Nigerian crush I watched him as a kid growing up and I just love everything about him. He’s such a fine man."

Neblett also notified her potential lovers that she is now single and ready to mingle.

She said; "I broke up with my boyfriend on July 30, so I don’t have a man in my life at the moment. I left him because he was unnecessarily jealous.

"I know men can be jealous, but his own was out of this world, never seen such before. I beg I no want again. I tried but couldn’t help it anymore, so I had to find my way out

"The thing is, most of them think I am too expensive to handle and secondly they feel every man wants an actress.

"But I was not single till July. So now I am the latest single lady In town (Laughs). I am a very faithful lover.

"Once I have a man who loves and cares about me, I don’t see the need to cheat.

"So, forgiving a cheating partner will be very difficult I swear. I am mean when it comes to my man, cheating is a no-no!!Sadly, no man in my life for now, so I don’t think of sex of late, I just manage."

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