Nigerian Media, entertainment industry connived to make me look like villain, says Blackface
Black Face

Nigerian Media, entertainment industry connived to make me look like villain, says Blackface

One of the founding members of the defunct Plantashun Bois, Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo otherwise known as Blackface, on Saturday raised the alarm that he has been subtly blacklisted by the media and entertainment industry.

According to him, ever since he joined the entertainment world, he has never received an award, contribution or given recognition of any kind.

Blackface disclosed this in a recent interview with Chude Jidonwo on Sunday.

"The media has succeeded in bringing the brand Blackface Naija to ground zero.

“No Nigerian or any award-giving body has given me one award. I’m the one they don’t want to talk about; but it’s all good.

“I came into the music industry to make music for the fans. I did not come to the industry because I wanted to get rich.

“Well you know something, like I tell you, it’s all about the media, the way the media pushes the story. Y’know if I say “I gave you a song to sing and you didn’t credit me, why didn’t you credit me?” That’s not saying you stole. That’s not saying you stole! But the media will push on “you stole” just to make it seem like I’m sounding bad.
“It’s the media, that’s what I’m saying. It’s the media and they have an agenda. So it’s character assassination just to make me to look like the villain. But all I did was help, all I did was say “Whatsup, Howfa”.

"It’s only normal if I give you a song to sing or I sing one of your sing, the conversation about the song keeps going on, it has to keep going on. And for the song, you think we should do another remix, you think we should change the sound, you think we should do more videos. You talk about it! You don’t just do it and act as if nothing happened.

"Y’know, so I was surprised and I was like you guys didn’t credit me. I talked with Mr. Ogunbe about it, they said it was some typographical error, there were gonna rectify it.

"So all they had to do was rectify and say kudos to Aminu Augustine for writing such a wonderful piece. There’s nothing wrong in that. And that wasn’t done, all I got was just the media talking about me.
"So when I say you guys have not done what you guys should do, they say blackface write another song, you no go write another song, what do you mean write another song?

"And I’m like okay! Well I could always write another song but they will still come back and say write another song.

"So I said, you know what’s going to happen, let me just sing this song. That was the reason why I did my own rendition of African Queen and did a video for it, so they’re not going to say write another song again.

"Yes I had to use that to prove a point and it wasn’t petty, it was me at the time when they wanted to assassinate my character, so it was to make my stand that look I have the right to this music. It takes a long time for Nigerians to understand, so you have to do," he said.

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