Nigeria is a complete mess, Toyin Abraham reacts to Kaduna-Abuja train attack

Toyin Abraham, Dr Chinelo
Toyin Abraham, Dr ChineloWuzupNigeria

Nollywood actress and brand influencer, Toyin Abraham, has described Nigeria as a mess following the death of Dr Chinelo, one of the victims in the ill-fated Kaduna train attack.

Chinelo, a young female doctor, was said to have tweeted for prayers after she was shot on the train.

Rather than show empathy, she got trolled ruthlessly by tweeps who felt that she was attempting to use the unfortunate incident to chase clout.

Reacting to the sad incident, Toyin Abraham, in a lengthy post on her Instagram page said; "Even to the best of us, if you live in Nigeria, Naija-kind of life can happen to you. It makes the good bad and the bad look good. What happened at Kaduna rail yesterday is an example of how to make the good bad in Nigeria. Rail transportation that is regarded as one of the safest means of transportation is now suddenly not safe in Nigeria.

"Dr. Chinelo, a young Nigerian who cried out for help on social media paid the ultimate price by dying through the bullet of criminals who attacked the rail. About six other people died. May God forgive their sins and pity them that they came from a hell call Nigeria.

"Dr. Chinelo’s case stood out because she came to social media to say she had been shot and needed prayers and possible help. But instead of many Nigerians responding positively, they were all over her space trolling her and calling her clout chaser (Lesson to clout chasers, your vain desire to score points, accolades and likes on social media, have real life impact. People won’t take serious those they should)

"Nothing typifies our lack of soul and humanity than the story of late Dr. Chinelo. How can she reach out on social media for help and all some people could think about is how good or bad the government of the day would look like? Let me ask, is the government looking good when a group of people attacked airport and within days blew up a train on a government rail?

"Humanity is not about party. It is not about scoring points for the best savage response on Twitter. It is simply about humanity. We should care about ourselves to the point where we see ourselves as human not objects you need to use to score cheap savage and political point (This is for those who live and breathe by the savage nature of Naija Twitter space).

"Let’s not lose our souls for cheap points or our sense of humanity-people are people whether they support your political choice or not, humans are humans whether they support what you like or hate. Be human and treat human as human.

"Dr. Chinelo, we are sorry, the system let you down. Naija is a mess at the moment, hopefully this government will do better or we get better candidate in the next election."

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