My youthful look not down to special diet or drugs – Actor Aderupoko

My youthful look not down to special diet or drugs – Actor Aderupoko

Nollywood veteran actor, Kayode Olaiya aka Aderupoko, has revealed the secret to his good health.

The actor told Saturday Beats that he does not live on a special diet neither does he maintain himself with drugs.
He disclosed that his youthful look is as a result of "God's Mercies."

"Good health is from God. It is not that I am more fervent in prayers than my age mates or that I'm using particular drugs that have been keeping my body strong or agile. I am also not on any special diet. I have simply enjoyed the mercies of God."

The 'Ojukokoro' actor also expressed his mind on how he and other senior citizens in the entertainment industry are adjusting to the technological advancement in the movie world.

While stating that he has not been stagnant, Aderupoko believed that film making has evolved hence the need to be constantly in tune with evolving technologies.

"When one has been active in a field, one will also adapt to any evolving technology. There is an adage that says, 'If you cannot beat them, you have to join them'.

"One must also endeavour to attend courses. Most of the movies I did in the past that were recorded on video cassettes cannot be viewed anymore because filmmaking has evolved. I also have to upgrade myself as an actor," he said.