Mr Macaroni, Falz decline Sanwo-Olu's peace walk invite

Mr Macaroni, Sanwo-Olu, Falz
Mr Macaroni, Sanwo-Olu, FalzWuzupNigeria

Following the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu's invite to Nigerian youths for a peace walk, some the youths and activists like Mr Macaroni and Falz have humbly declined.

WuzupNigeria earlier reported that Sanwo-Olu, on Tuesday, revealed plans to organise a peace walk to signal a new beginning towards the rebuilding of the state following the #ENDSARs panel report.

Amongst persons invited were Mr Macaroni, Folarin Falana aka Falz, Segun Awosanya, Seun Kuti and others.

Reacting to this invitation, Mr Macaroni and Falz rejected the invitation.

Mr Macaroni, in a series of tweet on Tuesday said, “The last walk wey I do, na so dem bundle me, strip me naked, brutalize and dehumanize me. I no carry gun, I no carry weapon.

“As dem dey beat me, dem dey ask why I dey disturb Mr Governor. Now dem say make I come do walk. For another round of beating??

“Abeg o. If I wan lose weight, I go go gym. Same peaceful walk wey Nigerian Youths do wey dem kill them? Some are still in prison.. some have gone into hiding. Their lives no longer theirs all because we decided to walk against police brutality.

“Mr Governor has said it in his speech. That to be a center of Excellence, we have to be a Center of Truth. Before there can be healing, the government has to be sincere. There must be acceptance of wrongdoings and willingness to correct them.

“I humbly decline the Invitation of Mr Governor. The Government themselves set up a panel. The panel has made recommendations. I believe that genuine peacemaking will begin by first implementing the recommendations of the panel. Then we can begin to trust the government.

“Finally, I’m not at war with anyone. Not with the Government, police or politicians. All we are asking is that our leaders place value on our lives as citizens and lead us with love, fairness, truth and justice, to enable all Nigerians live a better life in peace and unity.”

Falz, on the other hand, in his Tweet said, “People were murdered in cold blood and absolutely no iota of justice has been served more than a year after. How can there be peace without justice? #EndSARS.

“In this same speech, you said, 'To be a smart city, we first must be a just one.'

"Remember the young Nigerians that had their lives snatched away by weapons wielded by our own armed forces? You want to sweep that under the carpet? Is that how to establish a just city? #EndSARS.

“Young Nigerians, till today, are still being constantly harassed and extorted by police officers!! You were awfully quiet about that. Or are you not aware? #EndSARS.”

However, Segun Awosanya popularly known as Segalink seemed to think differently, he said, “Mr Governor @jidesanwoolu has shown leadership with this matured response and we hope the WhitePaper will mirror his sentiment. We all want closure, Justice and healing for our society. The experience of 20th October 2020 must never be repeated. #EndImpunity.”

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