KOB2: I gained 40 pounds, lost my voice -Toni Tones

KOB2: I gained 40 pounds, lost my voice -Toni Tones
Toni Tones, Eniola

Nollywood actress and co-star of the hit film King of Boys, Toni Tones, has recounted some of the challenges she faced during the production.

She said she gained 40 pounds, lost her voice box and had to learn a lot of yoruba, a language she isn't exactly good at.

The ‘young Eniola’ made this known in an Interview with pulse on Monday.

"I put on 40 pounds for the role and honestly, it was hard. I had never been that big.

"So, it did affect me psychologically, and losing weight was not easy at all.

"When I made the decision to put on the weight for the character, I also make the decision to lose it before the film comes out otherwise people won’t recognize that work.

"I also try to do it in a really healthy way as well- proper dieting and exercising.

"The voice. The voice was a big one for me. I actually injured my voice box to be honest. I did a little bit of damage to it.

"It definitely wasn’t the safest decision.

"But making those decisions, putting on the weight, cracking the voice trying to imitate Aunty Sola’s husky voice and studying her mannerisms turned out to be rewarding.

"KOB 2 was a lot more difficult than KOB 1. Like it had more Yoruba.

"Young Eniola had 96-7 percent of her lines in Yoruba and I don’t really understand or speak Yoruba that well.

"It was a lot of Yoruba adages I had never heard," she said.

The actress has received praises from her fans and colleagues for how well she interpreted the role.

Written and directed by Kemi Adetiba, King of Boys (The Return of the King) is trending at number one on the top 10 Netflix films in Nigeria.

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