Julia Fox deletes photos with Kanye West, unfollows his fan accounts

"Suddenly Instagram was not a fun place anymore..."
Julia Fox,  Kanye West

Julia Fox,  Kanye West


American actress, artist and filmmaker Julia Fox has debunked rumors that her relationship with rapper Kanye West has hit the rocks.

The model on her Instagram Stories responded to fans after they discovered she had deleted photos of her and the rapper and unfollowed a series of Kanye's fan accounts.

This follows the ongoing war of words with the rapper and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian over their daughter's presence on Tiktok, but Julia is insisting she and Kanye are still an item and going strong.

Addressing the split rumors with a short video from her bathroom, a topless Julia told viewers: "Guys relax, I unfollowed the fan accounts because I was tired of seeing myself.

"Suddenly Instagram was not a fun place anymore.

"I took the f**king photos down because I read the comments and everyone was like, 'Oh my god, you clearly only posted photos you looked good in.'"

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