Jesus taught humility, Bunmi George blasts pastors who glow in fellowman's worship

Bunmi George

Bunmi George


Weightloss Consultant and Fitness expert, Bunmi George, has said that pastors who move with entourage enjoy being worshipped by people.

Describing some of these pastors' lifestyle as unnecessary, she explained that a lot of people have lost focus as they have been intoxicated by power against the humility Jesus taught.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, she said; "I honestly thought that many things will end with the generation before us.

"To see our generation of pastors not being able to even open their car doors, Cammmmannnn that's not honor please.

"Open your door your hand will not break.

"You can enter church freely 50 people don't have to follow you.

"You can carry you bible or bag, none of thses are biblical, in-fact it feeds your ego.

"Crucify the flesh, let it DIEEEEE!!!!

"Also come for praise and worship. It's God we are worshipping. The pastor that raised me will say "We should be the first ones in here. PRE SERVICE prayer'.

"Not coming in to distract with your 50 man entourage when everyone is already seated.

"God bless @brendanwitton forever my fav

"A lot of things are UNNECESSARY. And that's how we begin to use people. Yes I said it! With my full chest. Because somehow you feel entitled to their lives.

"When I heard "he is my door opener" I was almost in tears

"Be free from the shackles please

"Asin we fo even do video of that paparazzi to post on social media. "service was powerful God moved"

"Like we well so? Young leaders abeg we need to focus, we need a broken spirit. That's what God will not despise.

"We've not even started BEST BELIEVE IT. We never start

"Power is sweet...It takes a truly humble heart, pruned by Jesus, refined by fire to reject the worship of men.

"Because many times it doesn't appear as worship, it comes as respect

"Our culture in itself promotes 'worship' as honour.

"And to the people that open doors or are part of the entourage, they love it because it gives them an unusual sense of importance because of proximity to the pastor.

"So they too walk around with noses in the sky because they are close to pastor.

"See how both are feeding off ego and the pride of life.

"Here's where I stop...I pray that we learn that it's SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

"If you must lead, you must SERVE".

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