Jaywon shares sad experience at airport

Jaywon shares sad experience at airport

Nigerian singer and actor, Iledare Oluwajuwonlo, better known by his stage name Jaywon has narrated his sad experience at a Nigerian airport.

The 'Inside Life' singer explained in an Instagram post on Saturday that he was set to travel and the duty manager of Arik airline which he was supposed to board decided to humiliate him thereby causing him to miss his flight.

He disclosed that after he missed his first flight and had to pay for another, they still refused to release his boarding pass saying that he had to delete the video of all that transpired because he recorded it.

"So I was humiliated by one of the staff of Arik Airline (Duty Manager) this eveninig who after making me miss the first flight and also pay for the next flight, still refused to give me my boarding pass because I refused to delete a video I made of what transpired.

"All this happened because I was wearing a face mask and I was traveling alone...

"Well he succeeded in making me buy another ticket from another airline but I can't stop thinking about it.

"The people wey no be politicians for this country worse pass the socalled politicians and until we change our ways in this country, I really do not see any good thing coming out of us because everybody once they get any opportunity always turn to something else...all for how much?

"I even asked for refund, them say NO until tomorrow

"You refused to let me fly and still refuse to give me a refund, if na you wetin you go do

"I have all the video evidence on my phone

"I'm taking this up," he said.

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